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Rise Up with Resilience

Leverage your resilience to rebuild, recast, receive, reciprocate, reclaim, recollect, recover, recommit, renew, and finally, restart.

Grab onto the everything to gain mindset.

Agricultural crises and natural disasters taught me about losses of all kinds...actual, emotional, financial and social just to name a few. Farm-style practical thinking taught me that I didn’t ever want to be unemployed. With that learning in mind, I gravitated toward putting food at the center of my plans. After all, I thought, people will always have to eat. Everything around us may change, but our bodies remain essentially constant—so I decided to study the impact of food on the body. I became a food and nutrition educator. My motivation came from being taught well.⁠

Persistence makes up for a lot of little deficiencies. ⁠

My formal education, K-12, began in a single-building school in rural Iowa. It’s still there intact

Throughout my life, when either the context or the situation changed, my values enabled and compelled me to overcome challenges. Through tough economic times, educational experiences and employment adventures, I’ve been taught to be a practical dreamer. I’ve learned what it means to be who I really am--a person with much gratitude, who developed resilience along the way, accepted and sought opportunities and shared wisdom with others. It’s been a powerful, life changing and ultimately, a fulfilling journey. ⁠

What's new, next and novel for you in your food career journey?

Think about the opportunities you’ve been offered while working in the food industry. How can they inform where you want to go?⁠

Think about the times when you've been challenged and tested in life and the food industry. What did you do during those hard times to keep moving? ⁠

Rev up your resilient mindset.⁠

💡Why did you choose a career / job in food?⁠

💡What was your first job in food?⁠

💡How has your career / job in food built your resilience? ⁠



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