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Meet Cindy Goody

Author. Business Maven. Empower of People. Fortune 100 Company Leader.
PhD. Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Returned Peace Corps Volunteer.

Glad you're here! Ready to GROW your food career?

Think about this...According to the World Resources Institute, the world will have to feed about 10 billion people in 2050. The overall demand for food will increase by more than 50 percent. An inclusive, resilient and well-prepared workforce will have to be in place to support this shared responsibility of feeding the planet. 


Whether you're just starting, in the middle of or well-established in your career, you're feeding and nourishing others. How have you embraced and contributed to this purpose? I can help you answer this question more fully with leadership coaching and mentoring insights for your considered thoughts. 


This is about YOU and your SUCCESS

Having dedicated years to food and nutrition careers in academic, business and healthcare settings, both in the U.S. and abroad, I've had career-changing adventures. And, struggles and successes, too. To address these challenges, I sought coaches who would ask me hard questions about my career purpose and employment journeys. My responses related to gratitude, resilience, opportunities and wisdom. Others in my life mentored me, providing solutions to situations when I didn't know how and where to start.

The goal of this blog is to encourage you to take action with your career and in your food industry job(s). It starts with knowing and leading yourself. I know some of you may be working two or so jobs, too. It's a challenge I've experienced many times. Think about you and where you want to go and grow. 

My GROW mindset enabled me to contribute to communities and people in unimaginable ways.

G = Gratitude

R = Resilience

O = Opportunities

W = Wisdom


What happens after you complete the job application, submit the resume, succeed with the interview and sail through orientation and training? It's time to GROW.

Let's GROW!  


Food Career Coach. Author. Business Maven. Dietitian. Entrepreneur. MBA. Nutritionist. People Empowerer. PhD. Returned Peace Corps Volunteer-Guatemala. Spokesperson.

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