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Be the Good Elephant in the Room

Are you one of the 14.5 million people in the United States employed in the food industry? If so, you’re a part of a multi-million person club, about 10% of the U.S. adult population, ensuring others enjoy food and drink each day. Most likely, you're a part of a team and expected to build relationships with others. ⁠

As a member of a team, and perhaps your topic is the elephant in the room.

Think about your contributions and how you want to thrive on as well as support the group. The team is ultimately in the business of serving others with awesome food and beverage experiences. And, that means connecting, cooperating and collaborating for the clients, customers and patients who enjoy eating experiences because of the team's expertise. ⁠

If you want to succeed on the team or find it a challenge to work on team, think about:⁠

1| Finding out what you have in common with others;⁠

2| Being a team player with your strengths and talents;⁠

3| Collaborating for the sake of your customers rather than your own needs and⁠

4| Sharing resources; if you have time, then help others. ⁠


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