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Grow a Food Career with Goals

According to LinkedIn, only 3% of the population sets goals. Simply put, every day presents an opportunity to set and reach goals no matter how big or small.⁠

Successful people focus on success. At the end of the day and/or week, encourage you to physically write, on paper with a permanent pen (yeah, that’s how to make a commitment to yourself), the three goals you want to achieve the next day and week.


To keep yourself from becoming distracted with other interesting things, note about how much time you can take with the goal. I’ve had success in challenging myself in this ‘time-boxed’ way this for years.

Growing up on a farm taught me the timing importance of ‘living by the weather conditions’. With this mindset in play, I’ve learned to stay focused on priorities and what matters most.

Call to action:

1| What goals will you set for yourself each day? Small tasks, completed each day, have a big impact in reaching your goals.

2| How will you make your goals come to life? If you're not setting goals, what's holding you back?


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