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Lead in an Unexpected Way: Plan + Prepare = Proactive

What's your way of operating in your food career or job? Maybe you love the adrenaline rush of responding to unexpected requests from colleagues and customers alike. Helping in a pinch is the way you lead. Heroism rules in your world. Perhaps you like to plan ahead, thinking of different scenarios that may arise, readying yourself with a solution.

For over five years, I've been boxing for a variety of reasons, while desiring to evolve my leadership. One of the lessons boxing taught me was the value of reacting in different situations. Reacting quickly and thoughtfully requires planning and preparation. Look outside your career and job for proactive ways to GROW!

Many thanks to PJ Jones, Trainer @TITLE Boxing Club in Elmhurst, IL | Boxing Gym & Fitness Studio and Cesar Garcia, Videographer for the creative leadership lessons!


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