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Food Industry Professionals: Serving Others Every Day is a Choice

Choose to celebrate what you do well.

Job opportunities in the food sector, from the farm to the front counter and beyond await you. If you're feeding people in one way or another, your service matters. As a member of any one of the food industry professions or trades, you’re in the business of serving others. Clients, customers, and patients expect second-to-none food skills and social know-how. Maybe you prepare and serve delicious food and drinks with flair; design 'eat with your eyes' entrees; place food and beverages on shelves so they sell well; thoughtfully prevent and treat conditions with nutrition therapy or engage in public food and nutrition policy. Clients, customers and patients enjoy eating experiences because of your expertise. Hooray! Give yourself an air high 5!

Choose to grow your career. Create it and serve it up! (If it fails, that's ok.)

“Anyone can start. Make a new ending. Your beliefs contribute your choices. It's never too late to try.”

- What or who is it you want to be with your choices?

- How will you get to where you want to be?

- Why did you choose the career or job you're in today? How can you recalculate your career?

Growing personally and professionally is a process of choices.

You have the power to direct you mind and choose. Empowerment happens when we realize our actions and reactions—happiness, sadness—are choices.

- Start with…why are you choosing a particular career or job path? Begin with a few thoughts. No need to overwhelm yourself.

- How will you approach, form and nurture the development of a career or job path?

A series of positive, small steps contributes to success. Even negative results help us learn.

Persistence day after day makes a difference.

- What’s one positive thing you can do now with your choices? Keep it simple for yourself.

- What’s one positive thing you can do easily with your choices? Make it doable.

- How do feel when you fail? What’s your approach to dealing with it? #failingsuccessfully

GROW your choices!

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