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Your Food Career Depends on Your Dependability

Your dependability determines your ability to grow and be trusted (lead cool projects, feel more energized and possibly, make more $$) your food career in your job.

Here’s how to do the work well.

1| Finish the job. Don’t be dissuaded by obstacles; instead, find ways around them. Problems are inevitable, so developing a tightly focused, results-driven, problem-solver mentality is a must. Keep a keen eye on the timelines, involve others as needed, and ensure that progress is maintained.

2| Skip the excuses. The world is saturated with excuse-makers who attempt to deflect responsibility. A leader who avoids responsibility and blames others for shortcomings will eventually lose all credibility, both up and down the chain of command. A dependable leader is always accountable, and in so doing accepts the blame when things don’t go as planned.

3| Overdeliver on expectations all the time. If you say you’re going to do something, then do it. Simple as that. A commitment is your word, your promise, and by not keeping that commitment you are risking the trust that you may have previously earned. Is it worth that risk? I think not.

4| Show up on time and prepare for the meeting every time. Being tardy shows a lack of discipline but more importantly displays a lack of respect for the time of others. Unimportant things count, and this is one that counts heavily. In this regard, being dependable means being prompt, on time, and attentive. It sets a standard that should apply to everyone, especially leaders.

5| Ensure others rely on you. Always bear in mind that others are counting on you. When you signed on to become a leader, you accepted the fact that others will be entrusted to your care. Your employees will look to you for guidance and feedback. They want and need to trust you, perhaps even to emulate you. They need to count on you. Never forget or ignore that.

Dependability is an important trait that every leader should embody. It is a prime building block in developing and maintaining trust, something every leader should desire and seek.


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