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Way of Working for Your Success Finding Fulfillment in the Work

Your actions and thoughts lead you to success. Try out a new behavior. How does it fit? Does it help or hinder you for either the short haul of the job you’re in currently or the good, long haul of a career?

Despite my education and experience achieved, I never fully trusted my luck or my talents. Having a few trusted mentors and fewer connections, I trusted my ways of working. Studying others was, and still is, my way. Reading about and observing what successful people did, I emulated their positive actions. The same action applied, noting the unsavory, unsuccessful actions people displayed. I side-stepped their failures and foibles at all costs.

Without question, ways of working differentiate the successful from those just doing the job. In my experience across different professions in the food industry – academic, business, farming, healthcare and restaurant -- one word -- fulfillment -- is the difference. Successful people find more fulfillment in the work.

Live to work and work to live go together. Live and work for the sake of accomplishing something special.

I don’t think that you should live to work, but I believe that you should want to. If you love your job and it fulfills you in a certain way, you WANT to wake up and work every single day. If you're living and working to get to the doorstep of the success with purpose, then you're driving to make your dreams a reality, not just putting in the time to get paid.

Experiences suggest too many unsuccessful people approach the task at hand with a myopic mindset. Often grousing about the “the grind”, they typically rationalize ways to expend the least amount of effort by complaining and whining about ‘how busy’ they are with a project. The evergreen pessimist opposes the leading and learning opportunities offered by ‘the work’. A passion for work and what can be learned from others leads to achieving goals and feeling of satisfaction in a job well done.

Call to Many Actions: What others refuse to do delivers an edge to those desiring success. Ask yourself these questions when it comes to Finding Fulfillment in the Work

What and how are you living to work? What brings you joy in your work?

What doesn’t contribute to your enjoyment of ‘the work’?

How can you replicate the emotion or feeling of freedom with the work?

What steps do you need to take to do what you love and love what you do?

Do you tend offer petty excuses or truly legitimate ones at work? Ponder positive solutions.

Feeling inspired to lead a life of leadership GROWth? Changes and choices ahead.

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