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GROWing your Food Career

Are you one of the approximately 14.5 million people in the United States employed in the food industry? From the fields to the front counters to Fortune 500 companies, agri-business professionals, agronomists and farmers; food servers and food scientists; food manufacturers; bakers and bartenders; chefs and cooks; dietitians and dietetic technicians; horticulturalists and beyond...If so, you're a part of the million-person club, about 10% of the U.S. adult population impacting other's lives with food and drink each day. Don't see yourself listed in the jobs and professions above? Drop me a line.

How's work?

“Globally, 85% of employees worldwide are not engaged or are actively disengaged in their job, indicating they don't feel satisfied with the career or job choices. This is an opportunity to explore and grow.”

Think about what you did to become employed in the food industry. Looking back, perhaps you completed an application or submitted a resume and then interviewed, received an offer and finally, started your job. Ahh...the good old days. Now, it's a couple or more years into your food gig, job career or vocation--whatever you call it. And, you want to develop your skills, work towards a promotion and earn more money. However, you don't have the time and resources or anyone to turn with DIY career and job questions. Even if you're not thinking about leveling up your food skills, you're likely adapting, adjusting and pivoting in response to 2020 events, keeping up with the pace of change. Grow a Food Career can help.

The goal of this blog is to encourage you to take action with your career and in your food industry job(s). I know some of you may be working two or so jobs, too. It's a challenge I've experienced many times. With the suggestions presented, think about you and where you want to go and grow.

Time to GROW

Grow a Food Career delivers credible career guidance and select social sites that's important and relevant to energetic individuals involved in the food industry. The Grow a Food Career Team knows how to develop a career and leadership skills to go with it, having done so from a farm to a Fortune 500 company. Committed to a mindset and practice of Gratitude, Resilience, Opportunity and Wisdom, we focus on evolving the leadership skills of cool humans hanging out in the food sector.

Inspired to enhance your skills?

“Clients, customers and patients expect second-to-none food skills and social know-how.”

As a member of any one of the food industry professions or trades, you're in the business of serving others. Maybe you prepare or serve food or drinks. Perhaps you develop new foods or put them on store shelves. You might prevent and treat conditions with food and nutrition. Or, you engage in the development of public food and nutrition policy for consumer protection. Clients, customers and patients enjoy eating experiences because of your expertise.

Beyond serving others, you want to continue to grow intellectually and succeed differently. Now you need to know how to do it better. Grow a Food Career a delivers differentiated leadership skills for individuals and teams employed in a sector of the food industry, from academia to business and healthcare; farm to front counter and back-of-the-house to bedside, just to name a few.

At no cost to a cost (except your time and internet fee), you can access leadership content from a Grow a Food Career via informal ways on .com and select social media sites. Leadership content and training about gratitude, resilience, opportunities and wisdom to build and advance a career may not be available to you where you're working today. Your work hours may not line up with a class, school or training schedule. We know that's a challenge! Whether you're new in your career or wondering what's next for you, get going--grow your food career with gratitude, resilience, opportunities and wisdom.

Let's GROW together!

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