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Feed Your Food Career Ambition

Did you know you're a part of a massive crew - 14.5 million strong in the USA alone, making sure folks enjoy eating every day? That's about 10% of the adult population! ⁠With the world's population hitting ten billion by 2050, the demand for food is going to skyrocket by over 50%. We need a skilled workforce to lead and manage that mammoth task. How are you leveling up your leadership now to prepare for the opportunities ahead?⁠

That's where the GROW principles come in:⁠

1) Gratitude - Stay optimistic about yourself and others. What values define you? Who do you want to be? Think back to those memorable food jobs. What made them special? Why were you thankful? How can you apply that gratitude moving forward?⁠

2) Resilience - Setbacks will come, but you've got to bounce back. What drives you when the chips are down? You'll need to create momentum through uncertainty. Remember your early food jobs? Why'd you choose this path? What did you like and not like? How did it build resilience?⁠

3) Opportunities - Go conventional or contemporary, just manifest them big and small. Invest in yourself, take risks, embrace failure AND success. Think about your best or first food job. How did you prepare you for what came next? Why are opportunities so key in this industry? How can you share your lessons?⁠

4) Wisdom - Stay curious, ask questions, do research. Only you can cultivate wisdom for yourself. Be accountable to yourself and others. You grow, build your network, and go bigger by seeking wisdom. Who's your foodie Brain Trust? Whose advice do you live by? What wisdom keeps you going through the highs and lows?⁠

Tapping into gratitude, resilience, opportunities and wisdom, you can keep leveling up that food game. You got this!⁠

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